Developmental Science at York University

The Developmental Science Area trains students in theory and research related to the processes of change across the life span. Our students gain broad competence in developmental psychology and explore in depth one or more areas of specialization including:

  • Cognition: attention, memory, problem-solving, executive functions.
  • Neuropsychology: using methods such as fMRI, event related potentials, or patient studies.
  • Educational applications.
  • Infant memory and visual development.
  • Comparative developmental and evolutionary psychology.

Our research examines issues of development from infancy to adulthood into old age, in normal and atypical human populations, as well as in nonhuman primates.

Faculty members have funded, internationally recognized research programs. Students have the opportunity to complete research practica in faculty labs and outside settings.

Our graduates work as academics in universities, as well as in applied research contexts such as hospitals, school boards, and community service agencies.

For questions about the Area, contact the Developmental Science Area Coordinator, Dr. Jeni Pathman