News and Events


Graduate student Shir Bach-Kay is awarded The Meighen Wright Foundation Maternal-Child Health Graduate Scholarship.

Juan Pascual-Leone and Janice Johnson (emeritus professors) publish book The Working Mind: Meaning and Mental Attention in Human Development (MIT Press).

York's Psychology program, consistently ranked among top programs in Canada, climbs higher for the 2021 ranking.

Ellen Bialystok's research is featured in multiple outlets including CNN.

Scott Adler and Ellen Bialystok's research titled: " The Impact of bilingual environments on selective attention in infancy" noted in the top 10% of most downloaded papers in Developmental Science.

Scott Adler's research featured on CTV News and other outlets.

Developmental Science graduate student wins first-place at the York University 3MT competition.  This is the second year in a row that a DS student won the competition and represented York University at the Provincial 3MT competition!

Melody Wiseheart, Vinod Goel and Jeni Pathman receive NSERC Discovery Grants for the 2018 competition.

Anne Russon receives Research Excellence Award.

Scott Adler receives award for new area of research.

Ellen Bialystok featured by the BBC and in York Magazine.

Melody Wiseheart's research on technology in the classroom is a featured story for the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

Dale Stevens gives a TEDx talk and is interviewed on the Yaron Brook Show.  Dale also became director of the York MRI Facility.

Jeni Pathman gives a talk at the Ebbinghaus Empire Lecture Series.

New study published in Developmental Science by Ellen Bialystok and Scott Adler gets extensive news coverage (e.g., CTV News; Toronto Star).

Anne Russon receives Distinguished Research Professorship, and is highlighted by the The International Union for Conservation of Nature.

STUDENT THESES AND DISSERTATIONS: Upcoming oral defences for Developmental Science graduate students and others in the Psychology program can be found here.